MDGrips makes unique and authentic grips from different types of antler, bone and horn. At MDGrips, we value the way that you regard your pistol. Our grips are made with the highest level of care to your unique specifications to create a truly personalized experience every time you take it out. With decades of experience in creating beautiful handcrafted pieces, MDGrips is your number one choice for authentic personalization of your favorite pistol. Finding the most comfortable and stylish grip for your pistol will transform your favorite hobby.

When it come to expert craftsmanship, nothing beats the quality and dedication of MDGrips. Offering a stunning range of beautiful handmade pistol grips MDGrips is committed to providing you with a way to customize your pistol, creating a truly unique experience every time you take it in your hand.

Why use stock materials for your pistol when you can personalize your experience with quality handcrafted custom grips. To find out more about how we can create a grips for your gun, call us today at Our grips are fully guaranteed.

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Photo Gallery. Giraffe Bone Grips. Head to our Etsy Shop. See what's available. Custom Handcrafted Pistol Grips. Subscribe Sign up to hear from us about specials, sales, and events for our custom elk pistol grips. Email Address. Sign up. Contact Us Drop us a line! Hours Open today am — pm.There's nothing like a custom pistol grip or knife handle and scrimshaw can really spice them up!

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Scrimshaw can be done in one color or multiple colors, depending on one's taste. Scrimshaw work is especially attractive on ivory, ivory look-alike and pearl and pearl look-alike grips. Each sample of scrimshaw work on this page has under it the price that you would pay for one grip panel with the number of colors shown. A customer who wanted me to make these Model grips match a pair that an artisan who since died had created for his Model 66 Smith.

Ordnance poly-ivory grips I supply.

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These real mother-of-pearl grips were a gift. I scrimshawed an elk track on the antler handle of this knife and scabbard combination. The scrimshaw, alone, would cost. This is the first real ivory grip I carved.

This customer wanted his name on one panel and an Arkansas Razorback image on the other. I did this coiled Cobra on a set of real ivory grips for a Kimber Cobra Carry. I put this scrimshawed eagle on the poly-ivory grips on a pair of consecutively numbered Colt SAAs.

This was a unique request from a gentleman in Virginia.

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This majestic bugling elk is perfect on the imitation ivory grips of a Ruger Super Blackhawk. This customer first sent me his Ruger Vaquero grips to scrimshaw the Masonic logo on both. Then he sent them back for the secondary insignias in the medallion positions. I scrimshawed this face of a wolf on a cross-section of pre-ban walrus ivory for a friend whose son had a domesticated wolf.

They say nothing is more dangerous than a naked lady with a gun. The grim reaper image was already on these grips, but the owner wanted his initials and the yearsof his police service on them. This modern version of the Grim Reaper turns a set of grips into a real conversation piece.

I can put him on N. Scrimshaw There's nothing like a custom pistol grip or knife handle and scrimshaw can really spice them up!Order by:. Available to:.

Pearl 1911 Grips (Full Size)

Gorgeous White pearl resin grip for Walther. Gorgeous white pearl resin grips for taurus,pt, full size,thai handmade. Used Bicycle Handle Bar Grips. Used Bicycle Handle Bar Grips. This is an older aftermarket power handle for the ambassadeur reel. Would look good in a collector reel. Will combine orders. So no extra charge if you buy additional lures from me on the same day.

pearl grips

Up for auction is a lot of 22 vintage Cracker Jack Prizes. A Very nice vintage lot. If you are within the United States. Please bid with confidence, as I will ensure you are not disappointed. All of my Items will be Professionally Packed and Shipped to ensure a safe delivery. Real Pearl grips for the I frame Colt revolver which includes the Python.

Army Spl and others. The grips have a screw but good use a better one. They do not show much age. Sales only to lower 48 states. NO damage or repairs seen. Pistol frame the grips are shown on are not included in the auction. Any questions on payment methods or any reason. Please email. It has the orange plug required by ebay. Cannot fire projectiles nor can it be made to do so. NO out of USA sales and no sales to minors under Works great.

Please acknowledge your win within the 3 days allotted by ebay. Payment is expected within 4 days of the auction ending. This is a pair of authentic. Hand-carved, mother-of-pearl grips for your Colt Model Lightning or Thunderer six-shooter.


I never thought I would sell these but still trying to raise money for my back property taxes so we can stay living where we are. The carved eagle is not just something carved into a grip- it is rising out of the grip in a relief.

This is first rate with no breaks or chips. They will knock your eyes out! It is sculpture. Not just ornamentation.Contact Us.

Shipping and Order Info. Colt 25 Grips Vest Pocket.

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Colt Grips. View Cart. View Your Cart There are no items in your cart. All woods are Dymondwood, unless otherwise stated. Screws are included with Revolver grips.

Ruger Blackhawk Grips

Unless indicated otherwise, no screws are included with automatic grips. Beretta Auto Grips. Bonded Ivory - Ivory Dust bonded together. White Pearl - Imitation Pearl Polymer. Unless stated, screws are not included with automatics, use your existing ones. Browning Grips. Hi-Power 9mm and 40 Cal. Buckmark 22LR. Charter Arms Grips. Screw Included. Colt Revolver Grips. D Frame. Single Action Army. Screws included. They will be black. Colt Python Grips.

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Colt Automatic Pistol Grips. Colt Governmnet. Colt Mustang.We have been selling fine products from coast to coast for over 20 years. We specialize in hand gun grips. To learn more, please click on our About Us page. Our site is organized to let you easily find the grips you need for your hand gun in a hurry.

If you have a semi automatic pistol, go to the Pistol Grips page, click on the link to your weapon's manufacturer, then on the link to your model. Likewise, if you have a revolver, go to the Revolver Grips page and follow the links to your grip.

Check out our Specials page for special handgun grip offerings; as well as special discount offers. These might include one-of-a kind, custom pistol and revolver grips; or limited discount offers, so we cannot always guarantee availability. If you have any question about our pistol grips, go to our Customer Support page to send us a message.

You will also find our contact information and how to sign up for our newsletter. Our Handgun Grip Fitting page tells you what you need to know about custom fitting a grip. We will warn you if you are likely to need to fit a grip, since we cannot take returns on modified grips. Over the course of the next few months, we will be adding U-Tube instructional videos for how to install grips for the various guns.

Check to see if we have a video for your gun. Please refer to our Customer Support page for other general information, including, our privacy statement, and return policies; and our Shipping page for information on terms of sale, and our shipping policy.

Sign In Order History. Pistol Grips. Pistol Grips for. Revolver Grips for. Beretta Colt Dan Wesson Ruger.Our grips are all expertly crafted from high quality materials made here in the USA. We have a variety of styles and colors available to fit your diverse needs.

Pistol Grips

Pearl grips are often available in white, pink and black pearl and are made from a plastic polymer to enhance durability. Bonded Ivory grips are also made from a plastic polymer and look like real aged ivory. It is often hard to tell the difference between the Bonded Ivory and real ivory grips unless you look at the underside of the grips.

We carry a large assortment of Hogue Finger Groove Rubber grips which are made from a molded rubber monogrip. For several guns we also carry the Hogue Rubber bantam grip, which is equivalent to a boot grip. Hogue grips generally have their own unique screw assembly mechanism that screws in from the bottom of the grips.

Both the Altamont and Badger grips are secured by a screw that goes in through the side of the grips.

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The Badger Oversize Finger Groove grips have a blind screwwhich goes in from the one side where it is visible, and screws into the inside of the second panel, and therefore not visible from the other side. Sign In Order History. Pistol Grips. Beretta Revolver Grips. Colt Revolver Grips. Dan Wesson Revolver Grips. Ruger Revolver Grips. Taurus Revolver Grips. Hogue Rubber Revolver Grips.This ivory is at least 10, years old, and we use only the best quality to insure that they are as tough as modern elephant ivory but with the magic that only extinct prehistoric furry elephant ivory has.

We mostly show the - 45 auto style grips, but we also make revolver grips and other auto grips, please inquire. We make grips from the interior ivory with varying amounts of color and grain, and we make grips from the outer bark layer where the color and texture range from brown to blue green.

This ivory predates the Marine Mammal Protection Act and is legal for non-natives us to work with. We buy this ivory when available from individuals, aging collectors and inheritors in the lower 48 states, one or two tusks at a time; it does not come from Alaska. To comply with state laws we no longer ship any ivory to New Jersey addresses and no mammoth ivory only walrus ivory to New York addresses.

No fitting required with the right butt-cut, just take off your old grips and put ours on! If you have an ambidextrous safety; this will require in-letting on the back of the right panel, just check the ambi-box yes. Boone Trading Company. See Mammoth Ivory for International orders.